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A sample of my wife’s incisive and powerful poetry

My wife Vidya is immensely talented.  She gave up her career as a pharma marketing professional due to a combination of factors (my globe-trotting and family considerations being the most important ones). However, multi-faceted person that she is, she teaches marketing and advertising at a local MBA institute to keep herself occupied and in touch with marketing. She also gives expression to her creative energies by continuing to write poetry.

She writes what I believe is great poetry. Not just for the fact that she writes in a mix of Urdu and Hindi (the former self-taught, gleaned mainly from old Hindi songs and ghazals that liberally use Urdu words), but also because she writes about very topical and relevant themes. She was particularly productive in terms of poetry writing last week, and wrote 5 poems. Here is one she wrote on January 26th. It is tongue-in-cheek, but accurately depicts recent goings-on in our country (and outside as well, but impacting Indians). Read it and see if you can identify what event/thought underlies each stanza. Oh, and in case you are wondering, most of her other poetry explores a wide range of themes such as women’s rights, status of women in Indian society, memories of childhood and so on.

I am looking to get her collection of poems published so if anyone has any suggestions, please do contact me.

Yes we can!

Dalal path par arabon rupaye

Na DP id na hai PAN.

Yes we can, Yes we can!

Sazaa umr ki, par ghar jaoonga

Party hai na, just chill man.

Yes we can, Yes we can!

Kati hai ungli, khoon baha hai,

Tera karoon main body scan.

Yes we can, Yes we can!

Mamooli, says up-kaptan,

Nahin hai aisa says kaptan.

Yes we can, Yes we can!

Film to uski nikal padi hai,

Meri book bhi phir se ran.

Yes we can, Yes we can!

Suni Kasab ne “Pak” boli,

Par ab bole woh Pakistan.

Yes we can, Yes we can!

Tujhe main doonga phate kavach bas,

Par tu rakh le apni shaan.

Yes we can, Yes we can!

Bomb chale the ya patake?

Kya phata tha in Pokhran?

Yes we can, Yes we can!

Aatank machata Pakistan,

Aur ab kahe woh Balochistan.

Yes we can, Yes we can!

Barf bahegi jab pighalegi,

Baaki sacha mera bayaan.

Yes we can, Yes we can!

Tujhe milegi UID par,

Le loon tera khan paan

Yes we can, Yes we can!

Mare kai from Hindustan,

To kya banein hum nasl pradhan?

Na milte sur na milte taan,

Kahoon ki phir bhi desh mahaan.

Yes we can, Yes we can!


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